What is Website Wireframe ?

Planning to get own website designed, then you must learn about What is Website Wireframe? Website Wireframe is building blueprint of your website which helps website designer to get your views while designing website for you. Wire frames are created for the purpose of arranging elements for each web page.
For example:
It solves your view of web page with answers for => ‘Where you what to… Or How you want to show’
  • Navigation menu
  • Website logo or Website Name text
  • Slider or Banners within page
  • Presentation of heading, images & description for specific sections
  • Footer section
  • etc & many other which is on your mind
Following are some examples of already created wireframes, which might help you out to understand how you can create wireframes.

Home Page

About Us Page

Services Page

Packages Page

Footer Section

You can either create wireframe online Or draw your ideas on paper, click them and send its photographs which will explore more ideas with clear focus.

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