I'm Nishant Vaity

I am Software Engineer, Technology Mentor & Entrepreneur. I am passionate about the technologies I use and always eager to share & learn more from that passion. I am an experienced Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience in coding high-traffic websites. Proficient in HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS with LAMP / MAMP / WAMP Stack. Contributor for WordPress open source plugins and Translator (Marathi) for WordPress 4.5.x.

I'm Nishant Vaity
Billions of Humans live in this world and probably Trillions of Insects and Animals. Who I am? Graduate of Information Technology by Education. Computer Engineer by Profession. Computer Programmer by Passion and Knowledge Seeker by Nature. I Enjoy Reading Marathi Books and Novels. I might appear Shy and Introvert to Strangers, Friends know how Open and Expressive I am. I want to be Perfect in at Least One Thing and want to TRULY LIVE Till Last Breath.
- Nishant Vaity


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