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Automated conversion of Excel to PDF using LibreOffice

While converting an excel to pdf following operations are done Read existing excel file. Modify cell values of existing excel file. Convert output of worksheet to PDF Here Node.js, LibreOffice, unoconv are used for automated conversion with Ubuntu operating system. Following are instructions to install Node.js Run curl -sL | sudo bash - Run sudo apt-get install gcc g++ make Run sudo apt-get install -y nodejs Run node --version Run npm --version Following are instructions to …

Create your Bootstrap 4.0 themes easily

Create your Boostrap 4.0 theme easily. Live preview, live HTML coding to help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 theme direclty in your browser Features Bootstrap 4.0 : Latest version of Bootstrap 4.0 avaiable to create your amazing template. Sass included : Bootstrap worked with Saas ( CSS compiler now) so do Bootstrap Magic Get all …

Creating Tabs with Bootstrap

Creating Tabs with Bootstrap CSS