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Importing and Exporting of MYSQL Database with Command Line SSH

Importing MYSQL Database Syntax $ mysql -u username -p database_name < path_to_mysql_file_here Importing existing MYSQL database with filename "wordpress.sql" stored at directory "/home/nishant/", Username is "root", terminal will prompt for asking password. $ mysql -u root -p wordpress < /home/nishant/wordpress.sql Exporting MYSQL Database Syntax $ mysqldump -p -u username database_name > path_to_mysql_file_here Exporting MYSQL database …

Create file with TimeStamp in Shell Script

I love using Ubuntu OS for development. I need to create a shell script that saves new file with a timestamp. Following are steps that I’ve followed: Understanding date command. nishant@nishantvaity:~$ date Wed Sep 18 13:53:49 IST 2019 Use any of following command to know options for date command. nishant@nishantvaity:~$ date –h OR nishant@nishantvaity:~$ man …

Git and Virtualmin

Introduction to Git Git is a source-code control system that allows multiple developers to work on the same project. Each developer has a copy of the repository on his workstation, and can check in changes to that repository and synchronize it with a central server. Other developers can then fetch those changes by synchronizing their …

Automated conversion of Excel to PDF using LibreOffice

While converting an excel to pdf following operations are done Read existing excel file. Modify cell values of existing excel file. Convert output of worksheet to PDF Here Node.js, LibreOffice, unoconv are used for automated conversion with Ubuntu operating system. Following are instructions to install Node.js Run curl -sL | sudo bash - Run sudo apt-get install gcc g++ make Run sudo apt-get install -y nodejs Run node --version Run npm --version Following are instructions to …

How to mount remote directory using SSH ?

How to mount remote directory using SSH and make it available it as local directory. Install the module sshfs:

Load it to kernel

Set permissions

Now create a directory to mount the remote folder in.

Run the command to mount remote directory

Now remote directory should be mounted.

How To Record Streaming Audio In Ubuntu

How To Record Streaming Audio In Ubuntu: Audio Recorder records all type of sound your computer makes. It records audio played through your system’s soundcard, microphones, browsers, webcams and more. It provides option of selecting the recording device such as webcam, microphone, Skype etc. Use a PPA to install Audio Recorder in Ubuntu. Use the following …