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Stanley Samuel, Who Love The Saxophone

Music is not just a passion or hobby, it is the essence of life! An extension and expression of self. Here we are on this amazing musical journey – together with you!

Still a “Work In Progress”. Will remain one. The focus is on MUSIC, its quality, feel, experience and YOU.

We are not commercial or paid artists, we are nurtured by your words of encouragement and support. It is not our intent to be technically spot on or play note for note. We play from our heart to yours!

We do our best to bring you the best! This is your channel and our learning journey. As we do covers, originals and more it is our endeavour to respect copyrights and original artists, composers and music labels. No infringement of rights intended or otherwise.

Our humble way to spread joy, happiness and for making our world a better place through MUSIC!

We continue to evolve each day with your blessings support.


The Ultimate and Relaxing Instrumental | Piano & Saxophone | Valentines Special | Anand & Stanley
Welcome to our world!

Here is a special presentation in association with Anand Dhamelia Ji to celebrate love, music and his Birthday. Happy Birthday Anand Ji! May your day be special and each day of the year ahead be filled with happiness, love, laughter, goodwill and even more music.

It is also the Lunar New Year here in Singapore, to all our friends - GONG XI FA CAI...have a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

There is a lot happening at our end, Indian Classical, Blues, Jazz, collaborations, covers, Worship songs and more. Thank you for your support and patience.

Hope you enjoy this special compilation. Let us know if you want more? Write in, Subscribe, Share and enjoy.

Do stay tuned in for more and do enjoy the growing collection too!

Piano & Music Arrangement: Anand Dhamelia
Tenor Saxophone: Stanley Samuel
Edited and mixed by AUM Studio, Singapore.

This is our cover, arrangement and interpretation. No copyright infringement intended. Played and shared here for learning and our listening pleasure.

You can write to us at:
Anand Dhamelia: [email protected]
Stanley Samuel: [email protected] or [email protected]

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(C) (P) Anand Dhamelia & Stanley Samuel | February 2021
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