ब्रेन डेड – डॉ. प्रवीण सुरवशे

पुण्‍याच्‍या कोलंबिया एशिया हॉस्‍पिटलला न्‍युरोसर्जरी कन्‍सल्‍टंट म्‍हणून जॉईन होऊन मला एखादाच महिना झाला असेल. मुंबईच्‍या जे. जे. हॉस्‍पिटल मधून न्‍युरोसर्जरीची पदवी संपादन करुन, तिथे केलेल्‍या ५००० पेक्षा अधिक शस्त्रक्रियांचा प्रदीर्घ अनुभव घेऊन मी पुण्‍याला आलो होतो. शनिवारी रात्री पूर्ण परिवारासोबत जेवण चालू होते. तेवढ्यात माझा फोन खणखणला. कोलंबिया एशियाच्‍या इमर्जन्‍सी रुम मधून फोन होता. डॉक्‍टर …

नवरा आणि नारळ

नवरा आणि नारळ कसे निघतील ते नशीबच जाणे असं आजी म्हणायची . बरं , घेताना फोडूनही बघता येत नाही . दोन्हीही कसेही निघाले तरी ” पदरी पडले , पवित्र झाले “. दोघांनाही देवघरात स्थान , दोघेही पुज्य . पार्ल्यातल्या फिश मार्केट बाहेर मद्रासीअण्णा च्या गादीवर नारळ रचून ठेवलेले असायचे . हल्ली ऑन लाईन साईट वर …

Create your Bootstrap 4.0 themes easily

Create your Boostrap 4.0 theme easily. Live preview, live HTML coding to help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 theme direclty in your browser Features Bootstrap 4.0 : Latest version of Bootstrap 4.0 avaiable to create your amazing template. Sass included : Bootstrap worked with Saas ( CSS compiler now) so do Bootstrap Magic Get all …

How to check GST registration for Taxpayer?

Learn How to check GST registration for Taxpayer Before paying GST to any provider always check your bill for identifying that dealer is registered for GST or not. Register dealer should print GST number on their bill. How to identify if they printed Fake GST number? You can verify GST number in this link: …

Detecting request type in PHP

For detecting request type in PHP we can use variable $_SERVER by using $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’]. $_SERVER is an array containing information such as headers, paths, and script locations. The entries in this array are created by the web server. Following methods can be detected with key ‘REQUEST_METHOD’: GET POST PUT DELETE Example:

I’m Attending WordCamp Mumbai, 2017, This Weekend

I’m Attending WordCamp Mumbai, 2017, This Weekend. #WCMUMBAI 2017 is happening on 25th & 26th of March, 2017 and I’ll be among the many attendees. I am attendee of WordCamp since 2015. I’m looking forward to meeting new people this weekend and creating new memories. I’d love to talk to you about your experiences with …

How to mount remote directory using SSH ?

How to mount remote directory using SSH and make it available it as local directory. Install the module sshfs:

Load it to kernel

Set permissions

Now create a directory to mount the remote folder in.

Run the command to mount remote directory

Now remote directory should be mounted.

How To Record Streaming Audio In Ubuntu

How To Record Streaming Audio In Ubuntu: Audio Recorder records all type of sound your computer makes. It records audio played through your system’s soundcard, microphones, browsers, webcams and more. It provides option of selecting the recording device such as webcam, microphone, Skype etc. Use a PPA to install Audio Recorder in Ubuntu. Use the following …