Nishant Vaity

Billions of Humans live in this world and probably Trillions of Insects and Animals. Who I am? Graduate of Information Technology by Education. Computer Engineer by Profession. Computer Programmer by Passion and Knowledge Seeker by Nature. I Enjoy Reading Marathi Books and Novels. I might appear Shy and Introvert to Strangers, Friends know how Open and Expressive I am. I want to be Perfect in at Least One Thing and want to TRULY LIVE Till Last Breath.

I am a skilled self-taught PHP developer with years of experience writing scalable code for high-traffic websites. I am proficient in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Git, SVN, Vagrant, and SSH, among others. I am contributor for WordPress open source plugins and Translator (Marathi) for WordPress 4.5.x. I am passionate about the technologies I use and am always eager to share that passion and learn more.